Stackpole Day 1

Today we arrived to beautiful sunshine and quickly settled into our rooms. Everyone has successfully made their beds without disappearing inside the duvet covers, so don’t worry!

Everyone has been really great at chatting and making new friends which is great to see.

After a salad bar lunch of rolls, ham, cheese and amazing cakes we set off to enjoy some time at Broadhaven beach.

We have had a delicious dinner of pasta and bolognaise sauce, followed by apple crumble and custard. Mrs Parmiter and Ms Wyatt certainly were ready for their tea!

Today’s Blog Quotes

Isabelle “I saw a massive jelly fish in the sand and Beth and I found seaweed and smelt it – it smelt of fish”

Carter “We saw a swan it was huge. I liked the beach; it was awesome”

Beth “ We saw lots of sand dunes and rolled down them; it was out of this world!”

Sam “I enjoyed the massive walk on the beach”


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