Stackpole Thursday 28th January 2016

Hi Everyone,

We have had a fantastic final day. This morning the children have been busy clearing brambles as part of their conservation work for the John Muir Award. They had great fun pulling out massive roots and working well as a Kemble/Siddington team.

This afternoon we have been rock pooling on West Angle Beach. We found a variety of wildlife including 3 types of crab, Sea Stars and Cushion Stars, shrimps and Limpets.

For dinner tonight the children have enjoyed an excellent Chicken Curry and Rice and chocolate cake.

Everyone is getting excited for the much awaited trip to the shop and talent show.

Todays quotes from the children:

“I enjoyed picking up and exploring the hermit crab habitat” – Joe

“I most enjoyed pulling out massive roots and charging through brambles” – Louis


Stackpole Wednesday 27th January 2016

Hi Everyone,

Another lovely day today at Stackpole. Today there has been a dramatic change! – The weather has been overcast but dry and milder.   The children have enjoyed mountain biking through the mud and orienteering through the woods. Tonight they are experiencing a nightline activity before bed.

For dinner they ate jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings followed by jam tart and custard.

The children have been very well behaved and worked well as a group.

Tonights quotes of the day are:

“I liked learning about how the ice house worked when orienteering. It was quite interesting.” Joe

“I enjoyed finding about the history of Stackpole mansion” – Ben

I liked mountain biking because the there was lots of mud and puddles and I got to splash Anne-Marie” – Jamie



Stackpole Tuesday 26th January 2016

Hi everyone,

Despite the gloomy weather forecast and the very windy day weather we have had a fantastic day today. Both groups have had a climbing session with much success and brilliant teamwork. We have also tired them out with a very blowy 4 mile coastal walk which included the fabulous Barafundle Beach.  On the walk was really windy but still great fun.

For dinner tonight they have enjoyed a delicious pasta bolognaise and jelly and ice-cream.

Hope you enjoy the photos

Todays top quotes:

“At first I thought the coastal walk was going to be boring, but it actually it wasn’t it was really, really fun.” – Bethany

“First I was scared to rock climb but the second time I got to the top!” – Laurie




Stackpole 25th January 2016


Hi Everyone,

We arrived safely at lunchtime to sunshine.  After finding our rooms, the children enjoyed a lunch of rolls, ham, cheese and salad.  We then went exploring at the beautiful beach at Broadhaven Bay.

Tonight, after the dinner of Sausages, potatoes and beans, ( and a lovely apple crumble!) we have spent time settling into our rooms and writing our diaries.

Everyone is now quiet and settled in bed, having managed to get the duvet covers on!

Mrs Parmiter