Chestnut Homework 24th October 2014Chestnut Homework 24.10.14

Chestnut Homework 24.10.14


Over half term you need to learn your tables up to 12 x 12 as well as you can.

Write them out and ask someone to test you if possible.

On Tuesday 4th November there will be a mixed times tables test.


There are no new spellings to learn this week. Please look through all your spelling words from Term 1.

There will be a mixed spelling test on Tuesday 4th November.

Reading Festival

We need photos taken of you in obscure and entertaining reading situations! Where is the most unusual place you can read a book?

Can you make up a clever caption to go with your photo?

Start thinking about your favourite book or author. How could you persuade others to vote for your choice?

Well done for another hard working week! What a great morning at Deer Park playing Quicksticks – you all put so much effort in and did so  well.

Have a lovely half term,

Mrs Parmiter


Homework 17th October

Chestnut Homework Friday 17th October – due back Wednesday 22nd October

Following our fantastic and inspiring talk on Wednesday by Scott, your homework is to write a letter to thank Scott for coming in to school to share his knowledge about fossils and evolution.

Can you mention which parts of the talk you found most interesting?

Which new facts do you now know?

Your other homework this week is a competition designed by Scott:

Art competition: Life in the seas of Europa.

Background: Jupiter’s icy moon Europa was formed about 4.5 billion years ago, at the same time the earth was formed. It has been of interest to astronomers for hundreds of years and is possibly the single most promising candidate for hosting alien life in our Solar System to date.

Its icy surface was formed about 40-90 million years ago; whist planetary surface temperatures are well below freezing, it is thought that beneath Europa’s ~20km thick crust an ocean of salty liquid water exists, perhaps a hundred kilometres deep, warmed by the internal heat.

Cut off from light and the planetary surface it is thought that Europa’s salty subsurface ocean is oxygenated by radioactive decay within the ocean and ice shell.

Photosynthetic surface-dwelling life is considered extremely unlikely to exist on Europa due frigid surface temperatures of between -193 C and -153 C. However, the slightly alkaline (pH 8-9), Europan ocean represents a relatively warm (~-3 C) chemical-rich environment and easily forms the strongest candidate medium for hosting astrobiology within our Solar System.

Task: Given what you know about early life on earth and considering the environment on Europa:

  • Cold Icy surface crust
  • Warm, dark, oxygenated and radioactive salty sea, perhaps hundreds of kilometres deep.

Draw a picture of what you think Europan life might look like.

Prize: for the best drawing within each year group, to be handed out at the start of the winter term.

Scott has arranged for some very exciting prizes!!

Spellings this week all have the -ant suffix:

ant words











If you are in Commas group you are only learning the first five for the test but feel free to try learning them all!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Parmiter


Chestnut Homework Friday 10th October

Hello Chestnuts,

What a hard working week you’ve had! Well done everyone for keeping going and trying your best.

Chestnut English Homework 10.10.14 Due in Wednesday 15th October

We have been working on improving sentences. For homework you need to rewrite these sentences using more powerful vocabulary.

E.g. The girl looked at the sky.

Waiting for the others, Megan stared thoughtfully up at the sky.

  1. The boy kicked the ball.


2. The children walked home from school.


3.Tom asked his teacher for a drink.


4.The fish swam in the ocean.


5.The trees moved in the wind.


6.Mrs Parmiter looked at Chestnut Class.

Spellings this week all end with -tial







Semi colons











Please choose four to use in sentences.

Maths home work this week is to join each set of dots on the sheet to create different polygons. There are 19 in total.Try to find them all.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Parmiter


Chestnut Homework 3rd October 2014

Hello Chestnuts,

What a hard working lot you are! Just a little note about this week’s homework:

As we have been working on shape in maths this week, I have linked this with this week’s spellings.

Please use at least four of the words inn  a sentence.

Shape Words











English homework this week is to use your adjectives you chose to describe your family member and write a descriptive passage about that person.

Top tips to write a quality descriptive paragraph about a character:

  • Imagine your character in a place you know well.
  • decide what they are doing.
  • decide who else is there and what happens

.Maths homework is to carry out mathletics tasks.If you have trouble accessing the internet at home, you may use the computer room at school.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Parmiter