Homework Friday 15th November

Hello Chestnut Class,

What a great hardworking week we’ve had again! Well done to all of you for doing so well in your sponsored times tables challenge for Children in Need. I’m sure you’ll all be bringing in lots of sponsor money very soon…

Homework this week is as follows:

English – choose a family member you know well and write some adjectives to describe their personality. Then write a sentence to back up that adjective and explain why you chose it.

Maths -If the total is 60, how many fractions of that number can you write down?

Spellings are all words to do with our human body topic.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs Parmiter


Homework 8th November 2013

Hello Chestnut Class,

Welcome back after your half term holidays. You have impressed me and Miss Emberton this week with your hard work and enthusiasm for learning.
A reminder of your homework this week – I would like you to carry out a short science investigation about pulse rates. You need to look at a way your pulse rate might change and plan an experiment to test your pulse rate in different conditions. For example, does your pulse rate change at different times of the day, after eating or when you’ve had a bath? These are just a few possibilties.
Write up your investigation in your homework book so I can see your results and any conclusions you have found.
Make sure you explain your method clearly.
Your second piece of homework is a grammar sheet looking at verbs.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the fireworks!

Mrs Parmiter and Miss Emberton