Homework 25th October 2013

Hello Chestnut class,

Well done for another great week. What a fabulous day we had on Wednesday at Hampton Court – do look at all the photos posted on the blog.

Homework this week is just to go over all the spellings we have learnt this term ready for a general test on Friday 8th November.
Also learn your times tables and the related division facts up to 12 x 12 for another general test on Fri 8th.

Have a lovely week off

Mrs Parmiter


Homework 18.10.13

Well done Chesnut Class for another hardworking week!

This week’s English homework is linked to the diary extract we have been writing this week. You need to write a diary extract about a part of your week.

Remember to :

  • write in first person and in chronological order
  • use different ways to start your sentences
  • include your thoughts and feelings

Your spellings are all with the suffix -ible or -able













Semi Colons














 Your maths homework is linked to our multiplication and division work this week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Parmiter


Homework 11th October 2013

Hello Chestnut Class,

Well done for another week of hard work! Congratulations to Livvy , Tom and Tarma for your well desrved certificates this week.

English homework this week is all about story openers. You need to look through your favourite story books at home and pick the three best story openers. Decide which category they fall into and copy out the opener. Think about how that opener made you feel.

Your maths homework is to complete the mental maths test in your homework book. Feel free to ask an adult to time you. It would be useful to discuss the answers as well.

Your spellings are all homophones – make sure you know how to use each in a sentence.

have a lovely weekend – hope the guides enjoy themselves,

Mrs Parmiter


Homework 4th October

Hello Chestnut class,

I can’t believe we’re in October already – this term is going by so fast..

Our English homework this week is linked to the discussion texts we have been working on. You need to come up with arguments for and against doing homework (very apt, I thought!)

Try to think of at least three from each side of the argument and give an example for each. You don’t have to write the actual discussion unless you want to..

Maths homework is all about perfecting your angles understanding – you need to estimate each angle on the sheet, then measure it using the protractor I have lent you. Don’t forget to return the protractors with your homework book.

The spellings are all contractions – do not to don’t etc

Remember, ask an adult to say the non contracted word each time and you write down the contraction.

Lastly, there’s the Tudor house idea for anyone feeling creative – only optional!

Have a lovely weekend and good luck to those of you taking the 11+

Mrs Parmiter