Homework 27th September 2013

Hello Chestnut Class,

Wow! another really hard working week. I am so impressed with the effort you have put into everything this week. I think you particularly enjoyed our teeth work on Wednesday?


English homework this week is linked to the reports we have been writing in class.

You need to pick a hobby of your choice and write a paragraph about it in a report style. Remember to include:

  • informative facts
  • technical language
  • descriptive vocabulary

Maths homework should help you to double and halve numbers quickly.

Try to work out the answers in your head if you can.

Your spellings are all linked to words containing silent letters.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Parmiter




Homework 20th September 2013

Hello Chestnut Class,

Well done everyone for working so hard this week!

This week’s homework includes:

English – improving adjectives and using four in sentences.

Maths – area and perimeter sheets.

Spelling words to learn – choose four to create sentences with. Remember to copy out your spelling list before you give in your homework book so that you can keep practising the  spellings at home ready for Friday’s test!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Parmiter


Chestnut Class Homework  13th September 2013

Due in: Wednesday 18th September

 Writing sentences using similes

 You need to write 4 sentences about items from your home using a simile in each.

Remember the method we used in class –

  • Choose an item or part of one.
  • Pick an adjective to describe it.
  • Think of another item which can also be described in that way

E.g.  Windows…………….gleaming………………jewels

The clean windows gleamed like precious jewels in the sunlight.


 Group 1 List 1

Drop the ‘e’ when adding ‘ing’

love – loving

give – giving

take – taking

move – moving

drive – driving


Group 2 List 1

Drop the ‘e’ when adding ‘ing’

excite – exciting

surprise – surprising

believe – believing

receive – receiving

dine – dining


Group 3 List 1

Drop the ‘e’ when adding ‘ing’

persuade – persuading

achieve – achieving

pronounce – pronouncing

receive – receiving

decide – deciding


 The focus in maths this week has been decimals. Make sure that you have completed the decimals sheet stuck into your maths book.