Stackpole Day 4

Today was fine but somewhat cold!

Both schools experienced some rock climbing and a blustery coastal walk of about 5 km. We learnt about a variety of rock formations and had a picnic lunch.

At the climbing wall the children pushed themselves and were very proud of their achievements. They encouraged and supported each other well. They tried both traversing and climbing.

For dinner the children enjoyed a delicious chicken curry followed by jelly and ice cream.

Tonight they are looking forward to the now infamous Stackpole’s got talent.



Stackpole Day 2

Today was another day of good weather. After breakfast we set of down to Freshwater West to take part in some rock pooling.  We discovered the beach is famous as the location of the Shell house where Dobbie dies in Harry Potter.

Both groups went off with nets to find a range of animals that live in the rock pools and found crabs, fish, prawns, etc. Afterwards we looked carefully and learned a little about the animals before releasing them back into their natural environment.

In the afternoon we split into 2 groups for different activities. Kemble went off to learn about the history of the Stackpole Estate and to carry out some conservation work.

Siddington went off to try their hand at mountain biking. It was great fun riding through all the muddy trails.

For tea we all ate sausages, potatoes and vegetables and are heading off for an exciting nightline activity before bed.


 Today’s Quotes:

Emily – “In the afternoon we were doing some conservation work and we found pheasant berries and dug them up. It was hard work but lots of fun”

Abi – “The instructor, Ben, is really kind and thoughtful and if you struggle with something he will help you do it right.”

Isabelle – “We went rock pooling and I found a crab but it was dead unfortunately. But still I found one!”

Carter – “I couldn’t believe how big the eight arch bridge was. It was epic.”

Will – “I found the conservation really fun getting in all the edges.”

Beth – “I enjoyed rock pooling and finding the creatures. I also enjoyed getting muddy mountain biking!”

Olly – “Mountain Biking because it was a good experience. I liked riding through the mud. My backpack has better camouflage because of the mud”

Ashley – “We went Mountain Biking. I liked that we could go through the puddles”

Gartoon – “I liked mountain biking.   I liked going downhill fast.  At the beach I liked finding things. It was fun. I found 2 prawns, a crab and some fish”