Avon Tyrell – Day 1

We had a great journey down today, stopping briefly for a snack on the way. After a delicious pasta lunch the children have enjoyed either archery and pond dipping or shelter building and abseiling. They found lots of pond creatures and worked well as a team shelter building.  Those abseiling were particularly brave and encouraging towards each other. After a dinner with giant yorkshires (bigger than two of Reuben’s fists! ) we are having some free time before our night walk. Hopefully some  photos to follow later on.






KNEX Challenge 2019

This afternoon Chestnut class enjoyed two hours of creativity, problem solving and team work. They had to design a structure that could lift a weight a certain distance using a mechanism.

They all worked extremely well in their groups. Well done to the winning pair , Joe and Levente, who will go through to the county final in May.

Here are a few photos of the afternoon:


Our Class Trips

Chestnut Class were so inspired by our class trips this term that they have written their own newsletters:

Here they are:


Chestnut Class Trip to the Steam Museum
Memories activity
We enjoyed this activity because we got to see what world war two toys were like. Courtney’s favorite toy was the hang man because it was very hard and challenging. Maddy’s favorite toy was the puzzle because it was a lot more difficult than the others. There was also a dolls house what showed all the different shelters such as an Anderson shelter (which was outside in the garden what looked like a hill), an air raid shelter is the one under your house and a Morrison shelter (it looks a bit like a table which has an iron cage around it so you can go underneath it so if your house collapses you’ll be protected). There was also a table about rationing that showed you the amount of food you got every week. Throughout the day this activity has been one of best activities.
By Maddy and Courtney.
Air raid shelter
We walked to the air raid shelter. When we got there a siren went off and Harry got chosen to be the air raid warden. He had to wear a helmet with the words ARP on and the same on the arm band – like a captains arm band in football .Then Harry counted us into the shelter. We crowded in and sat down on the benches. First we looked at the posters on the wall and what they meant. One of the posters we looked at was about the difference between a German and an English plain .After that we learnt how they eat washed and went to the loo, can you believe this? To go to the loo you had to hold a cloth over your privates and do your business in a bowl! Finally we queued out and listened to a real air raid siren go of in front of us.

Real families of World War two
Levente and Chance are best friends and we were partners when we went to Steam Museum to learn more about World War two. We did lots of things including a story about a real family from the war. Some of us played a role in the family including Levente[Hank] Reuben[Billy] Os-car[Harry] Ted[Arthur] Courtney[Betty] Sienna[Dolly] Maddy[Polly] and Daisy[Molly]. Chance says: ”Everyone acted extremely well!” The story was about a family who lived in the railway vil-lage in Swindon. Billy [the dad] worked as a steam engine driver, Betty [the mom] had to suffer her children going away to work: Harry went to the Navy and Arthur went to the R.A.F and Molly went to work in the munition factory Hank married Polly in the end! Our trip to Steam Museum was: amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for MRS.Parmiter ,MR.Peacock and Miss.Young!!
All about The Evacuation
On Wednesday 26 September we travelled to the Steam museum on a bus. When we arrived we put all our bags and coats into a luggage carrier and met our tour guide Dave. He took us round and we did lots of activities including the evacuation that were going to talk about now.
We started looking at ww2 gas masks and Arthur got to try one on. The under 5’s gas mask is called the Mickey Mouse mask. It was so gas masks were more fun for small children. We also saw a mask for babies for when they are born.
The last part of the activity was when we finally got to be children and we pretended to be evac-uated. The three teachers: Mrs Parmiter, Miss Young and Mr Peacock, they all chose some of us to join their families. James was picked but some people weren’t chosen and this made them feel quite sad.
What our opinions were about the activity:
We thought it was very fun but quite sad that children had to leave there families behind to fight in the war. We found it quite amazing and we would love to go back.

Near the end of our Steam Museum trip Reuben and Joe went to the signal box as a treat. What you had to do was pull the correct levers to lead local train out of the way and let a royal train pass through. It was a very excit-ing experience and we had a lot of fun.
Why visit the Steam Museum?
Have you ever visited the steam museum? If you haven’t you should! Are you interest-ed in World War II? You will see air raid shelters and steam engines. You can look at the machinery and there’s a café. You can enjoy a nice hot drink and a meal there. You can go in one of the steam engines and you can pretend you’re an evacuee. Some of the machines were dirty because they were quite old. The First World War was 100 years ago and the Second World War was 80 years ago. If you wanted to you could dress up as a soldier or an evacuee. It is suitable for adults and children who are older than 3. The best thing about it is the air raid shelter because you can hear the siren and the bombs. But it is very hot and sweaty in there! By Ollie M
Ted’s story
By Freya. H + Matilda. T
On Wednesday 26th September 2018 Chestnut Class went on a school trip to the Steam Museum. As our trip drew to a close we met a man called Ted. He told us that his play-ground was dug up and was replaced with a shelter to protect them from bombs, Ted told us that they had to take in three things there: Reading Book, Spelling Book and their Arithmetic Book. After that Ted told us the most horrifying story and in it his house got bombed by the Germans and his train set was buried by all the rubble of his house. As his house had been bombed him and his family had to move into their neighbours house. When Ted had finished his story we all wanted to hear more, but we had to leave to go under the steam train called the Cheltenham Flyer. When we went under the Cheltenham Flyer we all felt like it was going to fall on top of us. When we got out from under the train I felt quite relieved that the train hadn’t fallen on us.
We would like to thank Dave and Ted.
Chestnut Class Trip to Athelstan House Care Home
Bookmarks and cards!
On the 1st October Chestnut Class visited a care home in Malmesbury, called Athelstan house and we all had a great time there.
Our group did two activities on de-signing bookmarks and cards. On my bookmark and card I put loads of stickers on.
We really enjoyed it and would like to thank all of the residents at Athelstan house and also Danya and the helpers.
Decorating Biscuits
Decorating biscuits was an unforgettable moment. We helped some of residents make delicious biscuits with m and m s, edible flowers and chocolate-icing. Sadly some of the residents couldn’t remember making the biscuits because they had dementia but someone ate ten biscuits! This was amazing because we got to meet the residents and we had lots of fun with them plus we got to eat the cookies in the end.
The first activity that we started on was gardening. First, we filled the containers up with some soil but made sure we left room for more soil and seeds. Next, we got a pinch of cress seeds (or lettuce seeds if there was not enough) and then sprinkled them into the soil. After that, we poured more soil over the seeds. Then we got a little label and wrote our names on them .We enjoyed the gardening activity because it was interesting watching the seeds dissolve into the soil. When we got back to school later that week some started growing.
The musical performance!
As I wandered over to my bag to collect my recorder, my heart boomed like a drum! Terrified, nervous but elated. The elderly folk were delighted when I introduced the first tune, Sea Sparkle. After that it went in a blur; Maddy and I played Sea Sparkle and Cherry Tree Rag then had biscuits and squash! Daisy xxx
As a part of the audience, I thought it was outstandingly decent. The biscuits after were delicious! By Jasper
Rationing and Code breaking
On the 26 of September 2018 Chestnut Class went to Athelstan house and one of the things we did was talking about rationing and Code breaking. We talked about how butter, eggs, bread, cheese, milk were rationed. We worked in partners to complete the very hard code braking sheets which we enjoyed testing our co-operating skills.

Why you should visit Athelstan house.
We recommend you to go to Athelstan house because the old people have such a brilliant memory. I think you should go and see them because they do not get to see many people and when you do it will make their day.
To the residents and staff at Athelstan house,
Visiting you made us realize that (I hope you don’t mind us saying) elderly folk are much more enjoyable then we imagined. We created some precious memories together and hope we can visit you again soon. We could tell that both the residents and the staff adored our visit and want us to go again. Our favourite parts were chatting and playing with you and getting involved with the activities. We thank all of you very much for in-viting us to your lovely home.
Lots of thanks, Jasper, Daisy and our wonderful classmates. Xxx
To all the people at Athelstan house,
It was so much fun and I hope we can come again. You very welcoming and thank you for the drink and biscuits. We even met to people from ww2. We all loved all the activities you let us do. From Ted
Dear Athelstan house
Thank you for letting us come to your world war two expedition. It was amazing. I learned how the food was rationed and it gave me a chance to meet some of the kind resi-dents. From Tye
I would like to thank Danya for inviting us and making it possible to visit Athelstan house. We had great fun and we would like to come again.
I would also like to thank the residents for a great time and making us happy.
To Athelstan House,
My name is Finn and I have been given the important job to thank you for such a won-derful day. Ever since we got back we have been nagging our teachers about seeing you again and I think they finally broke, hopefully we can make another visit. Thank you Rose for being so helpful and for taking us round the garden, we all really loved chatting with you. And thank you to all the people who shared there experiences about world war 2. We all learned a lot from it. And thank you for letting us meet your amazing personalities . And one more thank you to all the staff for making it possible.