Term 3 first week back including homework

Hello Chestnuts,

Well done for coming back to school after Christmas with such a hardworking attitude!

A special well done to Joe and Ben, our Golden assemble students of the week as well as all those who took part in the small schools swimming gala on Thursday.

Homework is as follows:

Spellings are  all linked to the plural rule when words end in ‘y’:

If there is a vowel before the ‘y;, add an s, if there is a consonant, take off the ‘y’ and add ‘ies’.

You need to learn all the words, plural and non plural!

The words are:

mystery          mysteries

battery            batteries

valley              valleys

delay              delays

summary        summaries

property          properties

monkey          monkeys

country           countries

birthday          birthdays

For history homework this week:

Our history topic this term is The Anglo Saxons. For homework you need to find out five facts about the Anglo Saxons. You may present your findings in a creative way.

Please hand in your findings by Wednesday 14th January.

There is also a maths sheet linked to units of measure.

I have sent out a request for any spare wool,  fabric and threads for our weaving project.

On Friday  we made an interesting start to our Anglo Saxons topic when we became detectives for the afternoon.

We had to investigate some Anglo Saxon artefacts found around two graves in Lechlade.

Lots of fun and learning – here are some photos:



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