Chestnut Homework Friday 21st November 2014

Congratulations on a very hard working and busy week! A particular well done to those who represented Kemble at the rugby and football tournaments this week – you should all be very proud of yourselves.

Chestnut Class homework – Fri 21st November, due in Wednesday 26th November

Following on from our science lesson on inherited traits, you need to write down three sentences that describe physical traits and three sentences that describe personality traits that you have inherited from one or both of your parents. Try to think about why you have chosen these traits and if anyone else in the family also has them.

The spellings this week are all ending in  – ence

experience, evidence, difference, influence, science, presence, sentence, audience, absence, sequence

The first five are for commas group, all ten for semi colons.

There is also a worksheet linked to the work we have been doing on complex sentences.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Parmiter


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