Chestnut Homework 24th October 2014Chestnut Homework 24.10.14

Chestnut Homework 24.10.14


Over half term you need to learn your tables up to 12 x 12 as well as you can.

Write them out and ask someone to test you if possible.

On Tuesday 4th November there will be a mixed times tables test.


There are no new spellings to learn this week. Please look through all your spelling words from Term 1.

There will be a mixed spelling test on Tuesday 4th November.

Reading Festival

We need photos taken of you in obscure and entertaining reading situations! Where is the most unusual place you can read a book?

Can you make up a clever caption to go with your photo?

Start thinking about your favourite book or author. How could you persuade others to vote for your choice?

Well done for another hard working week! What a great morning at Deer Park playing Quicksticks – you all put so much effort in and did so  well.

Have a lovely half term,

Mrs Parmiter


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