Homework 4th October

Hello Chestnut class,

I can’t believe we’re in October already – this term is going by so fast..

Our English homework this week is linked to the discussion texts we have been working on. You need to come up with arguments for and against doing homework (very apt, I thought!)

Try to think of at least three from each side of the argument and give an example for each. You don’t have to write the actual discussion unless you want to..

Maths homework is all about perfecting your angles understanding – you need to estimate each angle on the sheet, then measure it using the protractor I have lent you. Don’t forget to return the protractors with your homework book.

The spellings are all contractions – do not to don’t etc

Remember, ask an adult to say the non contracted word each time and you write down the contraction.

Lastly, there’s the Tudor house idea for anyone feeling creative – only optional!

Have a lovely weekend and good luck to those of you taking the 11+

Mrs Parmiter


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